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If you live in South Central PA you know what a row home is however we recognize that many areas of the country may not be familiar with this style of home. Row homes can be seen on TV shows such as “Full House”, “Sex and the City”, and “The Cosby Show”. This style of construction is known to be spacious, beautiful, and perfect to call home. Row Homes are popular due to the close proximity, often walking distance, to stores, eateries, parks, schools and public transportation.

What is a Row Home?

A row home is defined as a residential dwelling that shares at least one wall with an adjacent dwelling, shares a roof line, and is similar or identical in exterior appearance and interior layout to its neighbors. Townhomes are very similar to row homes but are typically part of an association, and with associations come fees.

Why are Row Homes considered desirable?

Everyone appreciates the value of row homes. Investors love them because they are historical, highly rentable, and offer excellent ROI. The layout of row homes lends them to larger square footage, since the living areas are 2-5 stories.

Many individuals and families choose row homes because they are affordable, have great character, and offer a large living space for families. Row homes are in a neighborhood so whether you’re on your porch relaxing on a rocking chair or walking to a local park you can take pride in the sense of community you will feel.

The Test of Time

In the 19th Century there was a dramatic increase in the population of the eastern region of the US following the Civil War which resulted in a demand for affordable housing. With sudden growth they started to build row homes to accommodate the middle class.

Row Home Designs were duplicated along city blocks which allowed for this efficient and cost-effective building process. This simple footprint allowed builders to double down on resources and labor. The smart architecture allows these homes to be incredibly energy-efficient. While many of these homes like 830 E. Philadelphia St may be centuries old, the bones of Row Homes are proudly withstanding the test of time.

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